Oriental Rug Cleaning & Repair

Rug Repair You Can Rely On


We’ve built up a great reputation across McAfee and Essex, NJ in the 20 years we’ve been in the industry. That includes understanding our customers – what they want and expect from us. We believe that customer satisfaction is paramount, because happy customers return to us.


We also know our rugs – whether they’re Oriental, Native American, natural weave or synthetic. From bamboo to jute and camel hair to silk, we are experts in Oriental and area rug cleaning and repair, and we know our materials – from leather and jute to wool and silk. .We understand what prized possessions they are to their owners and how privileged we are to have them entrusted to us.


Oriental Rug Repair That Raises The Bar


Whether your Oriental rug was a gift from a loved one, a costly financial investment or an heirloom, passed down from someone in your family, you are attached to it. It gives your home or office a touch of style and panache, and it’s probably admired by all who walk through the door. That’s why you want and need it to remain in optimum condition, And that is where we come in. We know how diverse these rugs are – knitted with Ghiordes or Senneh knots, woven from tribal villages, with their thick pile and rich color. That’s why at Oriental Rug Cleanings we use only the most expert and skilled staff, with an eye for detail and a passion for quality rugs.


Free Pick Up and Return Delivery and 100% Guarantee


We know how tiresome it is to find yourself stuck in traffic, whilst running errands. That’s why we offer a free pick up and return delivery service for every customer, whether they’re residential or commercial. We think this is something you will like – it will give you time either to spend with your family or doing something that you enjoy. Furthermore, every job we carry out comes with a 100% guarantee. If you are not satisfied just let us know and we will be back to re-do the work.


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Oriental Rug Cleaning – Hand Washed With Great Care


After your rug has arrived at our warehouse, we will take the following steps, to ensure it gets the best possible cleaning…

  • Inspection – we will check it for age and condition, to understand what particular care it may need,
  • Dusting – this helps shake off all the soil, grime and dust from the rug, as well as rid it of dust mites and nasty allergens.
  • Pre-treatment – we will then apply a gentle, conditioning spot and stain pre-treatment. This deals throghougly with troublesome stains – coffee, grease, urine and red wine. .
  • Cleaning – we will then clean your Oriental rug or area rug with eco-friendly products. We only clean by hand, since we feel that traditional methods are best when it comes to delicate material. We massage the fibers with soft bristled brushes and the whole process is carried out with the utmost care. We then rinse the rug carefully.
  • Drying – We let the rug dry naturally, in a climate controlled room.


Repair and Restoration Services You Can Trust


Every Oriental rug is going to need some love and care at a certain point, however well you’ve treated it. Whether it’s a hole, a tear, a tangled fringe or faded color, you don’t need to despair. Our dedicated staff offer a comprehensive number of Oriental, silk and area rug repair and restoration services for your precious rug.


We can stitch, seam, bind, restore color and fix fringes. And, what’s more, every repair and restoration job we undertake also comes with a free cleaning. Your rug will be returned to you in fabulous condition, and smelling fresh

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